About Nottingham

With our fully electric tram system and the UK’s largest fleet of battery electric buses, newly launched plans for creating a Cycle City and the UK’s first local authority owned Robin Hood Energy Company, Nottingham is already one of the UK’s exemplar cities for integrated sustainable transport and energy generation.

Government aims, that by 2040, every new car and van sold in the UK will be an ULEV. Our vision is for Nottingham to become an exemplar for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles spanning private cars, vans, buses, taxis and commercial fleets as a core part of our sustainable transport system.

We are committed to working with our local partners, industry and Government to implement measures to drive uptake in Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) to address local air quality and environmental health issues, attract inward investment and create job opportunities in the growing low carbon transport technology sector.

Ultra Low Emission City

We are already making waves towards becoming a trailblazer ‘Low Emission City’ through:

  • Europe’s largest battery electric bus fleet with 45 fully battery electric buses in operation on our Linkbus network and 13 more electric buses to be introduced in early 2017
  • Expansion of the electric NET tram system to three lines spanning 34km.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure already in place at key Park and Ride services, workplaces and destinations.
  • Two local private hire companies operating over 6 full electric and 150 hybrid vehicles
  • Lighthouse City status awarded by the EU for a REMOURBAN funded project delivering smart low carbon transport, energy and ICT actions.
  • Local commitment to the electrification of the Midland Mainline.
  • Local Authority owned, Robin Hood Energy and Enviroenergy generating and supplying local sustainable power for residents, businesses and transport.