DG Cars

DG Private Hire Ltd, based in Nottingham, is the largest Private Hire Company in the East Midlands with over 700 vehicles. It has been calculated that the DG fleet is responsible for 2% of Nottingham’s total carbon emissions (stated within an independent report).

In order to reduce its carbon footprint DG has now purchased six Nissan Leafs and has 170 hybrid vehicles as part of its vehicle fleet. These ULEVs are predominately used for universal purposes – transporting passengers, packages/parcels/documents and bloods to hospitals and health services. These journeys are both local and long distance.

“The benefits of running ULEVs in our fleet are immeasurable from both a business and health perspective. The overall objective is to reduce our carbon and NOx emissions resulting in cleaner air for the city of Nottingham.

There is still development required in terms of the charging infrastructure but the OLEV funding success will see this dramatically improved over the next two years. Clients obviously benefit too by utilising a low carbon provider as it is becoming more evident that organisations are opting for a greener supply chain. The size of DG’s fleet means we can deliver lower carbon travel but more importantly keep costs significantly down as opposed to smaller operators.” – Dominic Moyes, DG Cars

  • Percentage of fleet: 25%
  • ULEV Models: Nissan Leafs, range of hybrids
  • Number of ULEVs: 176

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