EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solutions are a Nottingham based consultant and installer of electric car charging stations that operate nationwide, offering comprehensive solutions from single home charge installations to networked charging solutions for major companies to help developers, businesses and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, greener driving. They use their Outlander ULEVs for a variety of tasks including client and stakeholder visits as well as use as pool cars for general use.

“For companies like ours, being seen to be green is the major driver for plug in vehicle purchases as well as the overall cost savings over the life of a vehicle – servicing and running costs which are proportionally lower for electric vehicle than they are for diesel or petrol vehicles. Having plug in vehicles and charging infrastructure at a company gives them green credentials that can often assist with tender bids whilst also attracting suppliers wishing to clean up their supply chain” – Chris Everitt, Director

They opted for plug in hybrid vehicles because they represent a safe bet for people looking to change to an electric vehicle. They offer all the benefits of a full electric vehicle – lower running costs, tax savings but without the issue of range anxiety. When a PHEV runs out of electric they simply change across to petrol or diesel. More and more PHEV models are entering the UK market giving greater choice to the end user. Limited range of full electric vehicles can be one barrier to entry for those looking to change to full battery electric vehicles but with battery packs becoming bigger and bigger the ranges are now increasing to over 300 miles for the top of the range of electric vehicles.

  • Percentage of fleet: 33%
  • ULEV Models: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • Number of ULEVs: 2

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