University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham has 43,000 students, with 4 campuses in the UK, and has been recognised as the world’s greenest University for four years running by the UI Greenmetric Ranking of World Universities.

The University purchased nine Renault Kangoo electric vehicles in 2015, accounting for around fifteen per cent of the vehicles used by Estates and Catering teams on a daily basis. The environmentally friendly vehicles can travel up to 80 miles between charges and are extremely cost effective, running at around three pence per mile. Not only do they reduce emissions, resulting in cleaner air in the local area, they are also very quiet, contributing to a tranquil atmosphere on campus.

 “The University is committed to reducing its environmental impact both locally and globally. The electric vehicles offer significant improvements to local air quality and reduce noise levels too as well as having some carbon reduction benefits. We are also making the charge points available to staff with electric cars for use during the day in the hope we will see more staff choose cleaner and more efficient cars to make their journey to work.” – Andy Nolan, Director of Sustainability

  • Percentage of total fleet that is ULEV: 15%
  • ULEV Models: Renault Kangoo
  • Total ULEVs in your fleet: 9

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