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11th May 2018

Charge Point Project Update! ⚡️🚗

As part of our Go Ultra Low Programme we are installing 230 electric vehicle charge points across the city, county, Derby and Derbyshire. The first charging point has […]

20th November 2017

Update on our Charge Point Network – Announcement

Who will build our charge point network? As you will be aware, we have been busy choosing a company to build and run a charge […]

20th November 2017

Your Questions Answered!

Answering questions you may have about our new charge point provider Why did you choose Chargemaster? Chargemaster scored highest in our rigorous procurement process, demonstrating […]

29th August 2017

Update on our charging network

Over the past few months we’ve been very busy in the Go Ultra Low team, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to.

13th June 2017

Nottingham participates in National Clean Air Day on 15th June

The UK’s first-ever National Clean Air Day is taking place on Thursday 15th June. National Clean Air Day a chance for the whole country to […]

18th May 2017

Go Ultra Low Engagement Day Review

On 6 May Go Ultra Low Nottingham upheld its reputation as an exemplar for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) by holding an extravaganza of an […]

28th March 2017

New funding for ULEV Taxis in Nottingham

Nottingham’s ambitions to promote zero-emission taxis in the city have been given a £936,000 funding boost.

16th March 2017

What is air quality and why do we need to improve it?

Why Nottingham’s drive to improve air quality is so important.

22nd February 2017

OLEV ON-Street Scheme in Residential Areas

  Make your neighbourhood Electric Vehicle ready through Government funding for on-street charging points The Office for Low Emission Vehicles is making available £2.5 million […]

16th February 2017

EV Champions project gets off to a flying start!

Our first meeting between Go Ultra Low Nottingham and local EV owners as part of the EV Champions project.

28th December 2016

Procurement starts for the Go Ultra Low Nottingham Charge Point Network

There have been recent significant developments into the Go Ultra Low Nottingham Charge Point Network Project. A key element is the roll out of a […]

21st December 2016

New electric buses power Nottingham’s clean air ambitions

Nottingham has recently launched its first UK all-electric Park and Ride Service. On Friday 16th December 2016 Nottingham City Council launched its 13 fully electric single decker buses operating […]

15th December 2016

Electric Nation Trial Needs Your Help Participate Today

Nottingham City Council is proud to partner with Electric Nation to bring the biggest trial of its kind to Nottingham. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more […]

9th December 2016

Cleaning up health sector vehicles through the Ultra Low Emission Fleets Project

In November 2016, the City Council submitted a joint bid to DEFRA’s £3m Air Quality Grant Scheme. Our Ultra Low Emission Fleets Project bid outlines the actions we will put in place to remove barriers to ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) uptake […]

5th August 2016

Nottingham achieves 2020 climate change target four years early

Recent central government statistics show that Nottingham has smashed its climate change targets four years early. The data shows a 33% reduction in carbon emissions since 2005, beating a target set by Nottingham City Council to reach a 26% reduction by 2020.

20th July 2016


To celebrate the savings drivers can make by switching to an electric car, Go Ultra Low will be sending a suitcase containing £750 in cash for a spin around Nottingham on Thursday 21 July in a Renault ZOE. The challenge to locals who want to win the money is to guess its final destination.

13th July 2016

Nottingham to become the UK’s Green Bus Capital

Over 50 gas-powered buses are heading to the streets of Nottingham after a successful bid for Government funding was confirmed today.

14th June 2016

All roads lead to Nottingham in June for planners of the UK’s transport future

June is a very busy month in Nottingham for transport planners, businesses and groups interested in creating greener, more joined up transport services.

14th June 2016

Businesses urged to get involved in Ultra Low Emission Vehicle forum

Nottingham City Council and its partners Nottinghamshire County Council and Derby City Council have been successful in securing part of a £6m fund through central government’s Go Ultra Low City Scheme to become a regional exemplar for the support and use of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

25th January 2016

Electric dreams becoming a reality in Nottingham

Nottingham City Council’s bid for Government money to help achieve a low carbon, sustainable transport future has been successful.