EV Champions project gets off to a flying start!


Our first meeting between Go Ultra Low Nottingham and local EV owners as part of the EV Champions project was held last night at Central College’s EMTEC site in Ruddington.

The event was the first focus group with owners and drivers of ULEVs & EVs as part of our ‘EV Champions’ project to get feedback on our ideas for the project and to discuss possible participation from ULEV owners.

The purpose of the Go Ultra Low Nottingham EV Champions project is to convince as many people as possible, over a broad range of motorists, that they can make the switch to an ULEV by demonstrating their practicality, cost savings and other benefits. The idea of involving EV owners to relay this message is that the best advocates of these vehicles are not policy-makers, but the real-world owners. By connecting the wider public with owners and showing EVs in use in everyday life, people will more easily overcome any negative connotations associated with these vehicles that they see as barriers to ownership.

Thanks to all that came and if you are the driver of an EV or Plug-In Hybrid, in and around Nottingham, and didn’t get the chance to come along this time, look out for some of our future events as part of the EV Champions programme which will give you the chance to do your bit in our drive to deliver the highest possible levels of EV uptake in Nottingham, and to help Nottingham Go Ultra Low!