Update on our charging network

Over the past few months we’ve been very busy in the Go Ultra Low Nottingham team, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to.

As you may be aware we are hoping to install around 230 charging points across Nottingham, Derby and Nottinghamshire starting this Autumn. We’re really excited about this project but as you can imagine this has been a big task, and has proved more complicated than we originally planned.

The network of charging points will be managed by a partner organisation in order to reduce the risk of the investment of public money. To make sure we choose the right partner we have been undergoing an extensive tender and procurement process. Thank you for bearing with us while we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the final contracts.

Our tender process

  1. Testing – we undertook market research to see if having a partner managing the points was the best option for Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derby.
  2. Out to tender – The tender was issued across the EU allowing us to shortlist the best bids.
  3. Shortlisting – A comprehensive appraisal of the bids was then undertaken. As part of this we had multiple meetings with each bidder to discuss the details and review the contract terms.
  4. Evaluation – We went over the initial bids with a fine tooth comb and short listed the ones we felt would best deliver the charging point network for the region. These bidders are now busy working on submitting their Best and Final bids. Once we receive these final bids later in September we will complete our evaluation and pick the winning partner.
  5. Pause – Once the contract has been awarded we will have a 10 day standstill for any unsuccessful bidders to object to our decision.
  6. Mobilisation – Once our successful partner is in place, we can begin working with them to plan how, where and when the charging points will begin to appear in our region.

While this was going on we were also researching the best possible locations for charging points across the Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derby. And have been working with other councils to try and grow the scheme in their areas.

The charge point network is a major part of our Go Ultra Low Nottingham Programme however, that’s not all that we have been up to. We have also been working with local businesses to put in measures to help them switch their fleets over to electric vehicles. And sharing knowledge through accredited training programmes and at conferences whilst also putting on events for people to test out these amazing vehicles.

It’s an exciting time to Go Ultra Low, if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to speed with the latest news and updates.

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