Nottingham to become the UK’s Green Bus Capital

Did you know that Nottingham is set to be the UK’s Green Bus Capital?

Over 50 gas-powered buses are to hit Nottingham roads after a successful bid by Nottingham City Transport for government funding. It doesn’t just end here!

Nottingham City Council was also granted in a successful bid for £920,000 which will fund on-street rapid charging infrastructure for its electric buses that operate on the Linkbus network. The city’s electric bus fleet currently has the largest number of battery electric buses in the UK.

Nottingham now has the opportunity to deliver real change and health benefits for its citizens through the investment of low emission bus technology and through implementation of Low Emission bus zones, which Nottingham City hopes to have in place by 2018.

Visit the link to read more on Nottingham’s drive to become the UK’s Green Bus Capital

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