Your Questions Answered!

Answering questions you may have about our new charge point provider

Why did you choose Chargemaster?

Chargemaster scored highest in our rigorous procurement process, demonstrating a strong ability to deliver our ambitious plans to expand the charging point network in Nottingham and the surrounding area, and provide favourable tariffs to local residents.

Who else was in the running?

We invited bids from across Europe to install and run our network. In the end, Chargemaster submitted a very strong bid, coming out on top in both aspects of value for money and quality factors.

How many charging points will they install?

We planned for a charging network of roughly 230 charging points, however, this will depend on a variety of factors including power requirements, and securing land permissions where the council is not the site owner. Chargemaster will be planning this piece of work in partnership with us, Derby and the other Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire local authorities.

How long will it take?

We will begin installing charge points at 11 locations in Greater Nottingham within the next six months, while continuing to assess additional sites across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for viability and permissions to work on for installation. The whole project is due for completion in 2020.

When will installations start?

There is a fair amount of paperwork and administration required before Chargemaster can break ground at sites, but we expect installations will commence in earnest in early 2018.

What will be installed?

They will be installing a mixture of 3.6kW slow, 7kW and 22kW fast, and 50kW rapid chargers. The choices of which ones to install at each site will be made based on a number of factors including power availability and the average amount of time people are parked at the site.

Why are slow chargers being installed?

In our original plans we decided not to include slow chargers, however after comments from our local ultra low emission vehicle champions, we are now including these at key locations. Many of the drivers told us that they would like to see park and ride sites have slow chargers. This would allow drivers to finish their journey into the city by public transport, whilst their vehicles are left on a slower charge. We listened to the drivers and amended our plans as a result.

We are not planning to install any large 150kw capacity chargepoints as there are very few vehicles likely to be able to charge at this rate before 2022, but also because the electricity supply required for these chargers is extremely high. In many cases, the electricity demand for these chargers would require extra expensive works to enhance the supply, such as new sub stations etc. These works would take away a significant portion of the funding from the scheme, and would limit the amount of money for the chargepoint installations that are needed for the vehicles currently available.

Where will chargepoints be installed?

Chargepoints will be installed across the cities of Nottingham and Derby, and Nottinghamshire with the potential to extend into Derbyshire. The initial sites will be located at council-owned properties, and we are taking suggestions from our partner local authorities, as well as allowing Chargemaster to bring forward their own suggestions of charging point locations. We will also be implementing an interactive map for the public to submit their own suggestions of locations, so we ask that people hold off from sending us suggestions until this goes live.

Can I suggest locations?

See above. We will let you know through our Go Ultra Low newsletter – If you would like to find out more about the programme please email to receive our dedicated monthly newsletter.

Where will the first points be going in?

For the first phase, installations will take place in Nottingham at council owned, strategic locations such as park and ride sites.

How much will it cost me to charge?

If you are a resident or business and your postcode is within the Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire area, and you take advantage of our local reduced tariff, it will cost 20p per kilowatt (20p/kW) to charge.

Chargemaster will implement pay-as-you-go at our charging points so that if people need to charge and do not want to register this would also be possible. The pay-as-you-go tariff for those outside the D2N2 area will be 25p per kWh and the charging points will also be accessible to EV drivers who have a POLAR plus subscription.

Will I be able to use any RFID card?

There will be a specific RFID card for local residents to take advantage of the reduced tariff, or the Polar RFID card for anyone already registered with that scheme.

Will I be able to use contactless payment?

Chargemaster will implement this in all of their rapid chargepoints, but as contactless cannot identify individual end user postcodes the local discounted tariff will not apply when using contactless.

Do I have to sign up to Chargemaster’s payment system?

To receive the local pricing discount, either as a local resident/business you will need to register with Chargemaster to get the RFID card that identifies you as being local. If you opt for pay-as-you-go, or contactless the pricing scheme will include a slight premium to cover the extra costs associated with this system

What connectors will the charge points have?

The slow and fast chargepoints will be type 2 connectors, and users will need their own cable to connect to their cars. All rapid chargers will be equipped with fully cabled AC – Type 2 and DC CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.

Users of rapid units select the connector for their vehicle and use the tethered cable to plug the car in, rather than their own cable.

See our knowledge hub for more information on types of connectors.

Will I be able to see if the charging points are in use?

Yes. All Chargemaster sites will provide live availability information, so it is possible to see which charge points are available to use on their live map at, and on

Will there be any disruption while charge points are installed?

We foresee some minor disruption to some footways and parking bays while charge points are installed. As no chargepoints are planned to be on the roadside, installations are unlikely to cause any highway or traffic disruption. Chargemaster together with Nottingham City Council will aim to keep the disruption to an absolute minimum.

Will the charge points be available for use 24/7?

Yes, the charging network is to be available for use 24/7 except where Park and Rides, for example Queens Drive, are closed on Sundays or for special events (e.g. the Goose Fair)

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