“CarPlus [Nottingham City Council employee car leasing scheme] was launched at a time when I wasn’t looking to change my vehicle. I was generally happy with my 9 year old diesel until I realised the benefits the scheme could offer. I was particularly interested in a hybrid car and specifically a Plug In Electric Vehicle. I opted for the lovely super smooth and silent Mitsubishi Outlander (PHEV) that is a great 4×4 family vehicle offering no emissions whatsoever when being used in EV mode. For my daily commute and city driving it is perfect. With 35 electric miles I can often go a few days between charges. The back-up of a 2 litre clean petrol engine eases range anxiety for those longer journeys. I recently took a trip to Derbyshire and still achieved 50mpg using the efficient petrol engine.

If I’m honest I was a little sceptical that I’d missed something but it really is a superb scheme. I now own a vehicle that is green, cheap, the family love and all with three years stress-free motoring”