Public Charge Point Network

Go Ultra Low Nottingham is committed to developing and growing an electric vehicle charging network across the region for local citizens and visitors to the city. This will result in around 230 new charge points installed at locations across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derby.

Go Ultra Low funding will invest £2 million into creating a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure network at locations across Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire and Derby.

In our Go Ultra Low City bid to government we had an original specification for 230 charge points across the network in the following proportions:

  • Up to 35 rapids – installed at key strategic locations intersecting with major roads.
  • 195 fast chargers – at public transport interchanges and key destinations such as park and rides, Council owned car parks and retail outlets.

The three Councils’ are working together to identify locations for where this charging infrastructure can be placed based on land availability and power capacity. The locations being investigated are available to view on our new Charge Point map below – the number of charge points and types of chargers are subject to discussions with the Chargepoint operator. With the installation of this new and improved rapid and fast charging network, electric vehicle owners will feel confident in having the ability to charge across the area, reducing range anxiety and increasing uptake in new drivers.

Current Progress

Nottingham City Council is leading the procurement process on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council and Derby City Council and late in 2016 launched a tender to identify a sole provider or consortium of providers who will be responsible for the design, build, operation, maintenance, and management of all charge point assets across the network. This will include providing a 24/7 customer support service.

A Soft Market Test was released in early September to gather information to inform this procurement process. This process ended on 6th October 2016 and the formal procurement commenced in late December 2016. The tender evaluations and selection was completed in October 2017 and the contract was awarded to Chargemaster.

In the final bid, the approximate number of outlets that will be installed was estimated at roughly 424, consisting of around 32 slow 3kW outlets, 160 fast 7kW outlets, 196 fast 22 kW outlets and 36 Rapid 43kW oulets. This is along with an additional 50 rapid chargers to be installed using Chargemaster’s own capital investment.

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Get Involved!

If you have any suggestions of where good locations for charge points could be then please email: and let us know your thoughts.

Useful links:

  • The existing charge point network for Nottingham can be viewed here
  • To find out more on charging an electric vehicle take a look at Go Ultra Low’s guide